How do I use the LDRD?

There are three ways to use the LDRD.

1) You can receive the LDRD newsletter. The LDRD newsletter contains twice weekly news stories delivered directly to your email. You also receive a series of articles on the basics of Lyme. Click here to sign up for the newsletter

2) You can join the free database. The Lyme Disease Research Database contains numerous articles, abstracts and resources illuminating all facets of Lyme. Click here to join the free database

3) You can donate to the LRDR. When you donate to the LDRD you receive original proprietary information regarding Lyme. The LDRD prides itself on offering resources not found anywhere else.
This is a growing resource and an incredible value. Click here to read about donation benefits

I have a question about Lyme I need answered.
Sign up for the LDRD and explore, that is why it is here. If you would like some resources to help explain the confusing world of Lyme, then make a donation and use the donation resources. We will not answer any medical questions, please consult a professional health care provider.

I would like to have a resource added, how do I go about submitting a resource?
We review resources each month. Email a link to the resource and we will contact you once we can review it. It may take up to a month to hear back from us. Use the submission contact form.

I would like to exchange links, how do I go about submitting for a link exchange?
Your website must be about one of the following:

Health, healing, medical information, nutrition, exercise, meditation, pharma,
and be of similar quality and rank.

I have a product I would like to feature on your website.
We do not endorse/promote specific products or brands under any circumstance.
If interested in affiliation of a different sort use the submission contact form.

I'm a journalist and would like to do a story on the LDRD and/ or Lyme.
Use the contact form for media relations request.

Can I use or republish one of your resources/ articles.
You must ask the original copywrite holder on the document for permission. All documents in the database contain credits on the doc. If the originator is the LDRD, then you must ask for permission through email, use the media relations contact form.

What are the donations used for?
The donations are used to maintain and host the website, pay staffers, pay researchers and for administrative costs. In the future we hope to raise enough to sponsor research.

I would like to share my healing success story with your members, May I?
Yes, of course, we all need and crave encouragement when facing a challenge. Please use the submissions contact form.

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