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  • Interviews with Lyme experts. Our unique, exclusive expert interview series features prestigious Lyme physicians and health practitioners, including ILADS doctors and others who work with Lyme patients every day. You will also hear from medical researchers in top universities working to improve diagnostic methods and further analyze the Lyme bacteria in order to eradicate it. Health care providers and patients alike will benefit from hearing the details about the latest in Lyme treatments and protocols directly from the experts.

  • Beating Lyme: Success Stories. One-of-a-kind Success Story Interview Series focusing on positive outcomes. Hear from former Lyme sufferers who are symptom-free, living full and balanced lives again. We all know the horror stories. This series shines the spotlight on people who are healing or, better yet, have beaten Lyme Disease. Learn how they did it, and discover how you can too.

  • 4 paths to beating Lyme. This integral tool is meant for those who want immediate access to the most cutting-edge information on Lyme Disease. Further, if you're confused about the different opinions and attitudes towards Lyme, we want you to take heart. There is a way to make sense of it all. The disease can drag you through hell and is often very difficult to treat. However, many people have succeeded and gone on to live healthy post-Lyme lives. The integral framework, “4 paths to beating Lyme,” helps you cut to the chase and fill in the gaps to succeed in your own healing.

  • Understanding Lyme. Lyme disease, especially chronic Lyme or post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), is controversial. Up-to-date, reliable resources will help you understand the controversy. By educating yourself, you get the tools needed to choose a protocol or healing method that is right for you.

  • Personal e-mail attention from the LDRD staff. This allows us to answer your questions about our website without subjecting you or the LDRD to spam.

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