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Lyme Patient Success Stories

You are not alone in your struggle with Lyme Disease!

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CJ's arduous trek back to health is a dramatic story with many ups and downs that will sound all too familiar to Lyme patients: Inability to work. Inability to walk without crutches. Loss of disability benefits. A marriage bond too weak to stand the stress of a debilitating illness. Perhaps most disheartening of all, the loss of a childhood dream - along with her professional music skills. CJ now runs in Ironman competitions and is back to working full time.

For Jerry, the difficulties of Lyme are a thing of the past. Although it took its toll on every day life, and his marriage couldn't hold up under the stress caused by Lyme, he now leads a full, happy life.

Rick's Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor recommended an expensive surgical procedure to relieve his searing shoulder pain. It didn't help. He was sent from doctor to doctor and no one knew what the problem might be. He spent over $25,000 in medical tests without receiving any helpful answers. After finding Lyme specialist Dr. Raphael Stricker, he started on his road to recovery.

Joe, an American living in Europe, struggled desperately with symptoms that nearly drove him to suicide. Like Rick, he also went from doctor to doctor, being told there was nothing that could be done. After searching for six years he found treatment at a clinic in Germany.

For six months, teen-aged Katy struggled against crushing fatigue and a painful skin rash, trying valiantly to keep up in school. Medications for the ailments doctors thought she had were only making her sicker. Her grandmother, an RN, insisted Katy see a Lyme specialist. Katy's prognosis changed for the better when she received a correct diagnosis and subsequently began treatment.

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All of us who struggle with Lyme Disease can empathize. We see pieces of our own stories in these. We've walked through many of the same doors, and been in some of the very same situations. Although each of our stories are unique, together they can help us understand the common threads that can, eventually, lead us back to vibrant health.

As 15 year-old Katy put it, "the hardest part about having Lyme is that nobody understands." Hearing others talk about their challenges with Lyme -- and their breakthroughs -- can be inspiring and liberating. You feel less isolated, more connected. Telling our stories and listening to others plays a significant role in the healing process. Our loved ones are often as frustrated and confused as we are, and at a loss to help. How many times have you thought to yourself, "if only they knew how I feel!"

Meantime, the so-called Lyme Wars rage on, leaving doctors and patients unsure about their choices for treatment. Due to the two conflicting standards of care, Lyme patients quickly recognize the importance of educating themselves about every aspect of the disease. Lyme, its coinfections and other tick-borne illnesses are complex. Although we may share symptoms, stories can teach us that although we suffer from the same illness, your path to wellness may differ from someone else's.

We invite you to listen to others tell how they have successfully fought the pernicious Lyme bug. It's very easy to find discouraging news. However, paying attention to somebody's success -- somebody who has walked in your shoes -- is more than merely comforting. It is incredibly encouraging. There is life after Lyme Disease!

An overabundance of bad news can make you feel hopeless.
But there is hope! People are beating Lyme Disease.

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