Frequently Asked Questions

The LDRD contains no advertising and sells no third-party products. It is strictly an information and research database for both the general public and paid members. Think of it as a journal on Lyme Disease featuring citizen journalism.

May I contact you?
Yes. Use our contact form.

Have a an older Lifetime Membership, how do I access the portal?
Contact us via the contact form.

I have a question about Lyme I need answered.
We will not answer any medical questions. Please consult a professional health care provider for your medical advise.

I have a product I would like to feature on your website.
We do not endorse or promote specific products or brands under any circumstance.

Can I use or republish one of your resources/ articles.
You must ask the original copyright holder on the document for permission. All documents in the database contain credits on the document. If the originator is the LDRD, then you must ask for permission. Please contact us through email.