As is the case with so many of us with Lyme disease, there was a time not too long ago when Jerry was busy being preoccupied with life. Resolutely making tracks on the treadmill, he unconsciously pursued his multiple roles as a husband, father and self-described Type A.  But around May of 2010, he began “to feel really crummy.” Suddenly he found he was extremely tired, ached all over, had swollen glands, headaches and increasingly disturbing muscle twitches.

At first he brushed it off as a bad flu and continued his daily routines. He did not have a bull’s eye rash. But then the symptoms got worse, and he decided it was time to get tested for Lyme. The result was negative. However, tests did come back positive for an infection that typically accompanies Lyme: Ehrlichia. Treatment began but he continued to feel worse, even taking Doxycycline. At that point, he took the initiative to locate a doctor who specialized in Lyme and could really help him.