Did Lyme Disease play a role in the Sandy Hook School Shooting?

Rick Sponaugle, MD, hypothesizes that shooter Adam Lanza suffered from Lyme neurotoxicity, a condition associated with Aspergers that causes uncontrollable rage. He notes that Adam lived by the woods in CT, where Lyme is endemic.

"While putting a stop to the easy sale of assault rifles is a warranted endeavor, I believe the more important focus should be on the failure of America’s mental health system to properly diagnose and treat patients like Adam Lanza."

Dr Sponaugle, founder of Florida Detox & Wellness Institute, claims to have designed a rapid detox protocol that is assisting people to recover quickly from drug and alcohol addiction. Sponaugle’s clinic also offers treatment for
chronic Lyme sufferers. He makes the case that Adam Lanza’s severe rage may have been caused by a condition he calls “exito-neurotoxicity,” which is an excess of electrical current flowing through the brain.

Click here to read Dr Sponaugle’s statement about Adam Lanza and Lyme disease.

The treatment is based on the thesis that a vital connection exists between gut toxicity and brain toxicity, and that patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease have exacerbated the situation with continued use of antibiotics. This is not a new finding. Dr Lee Cowden talks at length about the role of the intestines in the immune system, and the importance of detox as central to
Lyme treatment.

Dr Sponaugle has “personally treated over 2,000 patients, who because of rage issues, were previously misdiagnosed by Psychiatrists as having a genetic Bipolar disorder, when in fact, their rage issues were caused by a brain full of toxins. The majority of these patients suffered from a combination of severe Mold toxicity and Neuro-Lyme disease, in addition to a Bartonella co-infection.”